Square Leather Envelope Bag with Tassel - perfectly proportioned


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The perfectly proportioned Square Leather Envelope Bag with Tassel is the closest to my heart because this is the first style of handbag that I created in my business. The inspiration was a red lamb leather bag that I bought in a tiny boutique in Milan, Italy after I graduated from Ryerson in 1982.

The top flap of this bag  is held in place with a brass magnet and the textural quilting plays perfectly against the black leather trim. This functional bag holds a fat wallet thanks to the side gussets and measures 9.5” wide by 9” high and 3.5” side width  at the fullest part of the gusset. The 3” tassel creates the perfect feminine touch! The textural element of Cheryl’s signature quilt design is just the perfect touch.

Square Leather Envelope Bag with Tassel Details

All bags are lined in full grain suede and have a zipper pocket to hold your cell phone or keys.

The double strap is ⅜” wide and is cut as a cross body strap measuring 52” long. If you are taller than 5’9” or shorter than 5’3” you may wish to have your strap cut longer or shorter. The strap can also be cut to a regular shoulder length ( not a cross body) . The standard measurement for this type of strap is 45”. Please let us know the length of strap that you prefer when you place your order.

We will confirm the measurements by email.

  • Black Leather
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Curry Leather
  • Poppy Red
  • Malachite Leather
  • White Leather
  • Black Taupe Reptile print
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