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  • Silk Square Top in Water Flow
    Silk Poncho Top in Water Flow

    Silk Square Top in Water Flow

    Silk Square Top in Water Flow

    Enjoy wearing this four season staple with a turtleneck sweater in colder months and with a camisole in warmer months. This silk top makes a fabulous travel companion because it packs light as a feather, takes up no room in the suitcase and is easy to wash. Simply hand wash the top in a sink with cold water and a dap of soap, rinse and hang to dry. The top is ready to wear the next day.

    Enjoy the simple luxury of this top.

    Silk Square Top in Water Flow Details

    A favourite top for women 5’5”” and up. A pretty and arty piece that feels airy and comfortable in many occasions. The boat neckline is flattering for all face shapes and the semitransparent quality of the silk is also flattering for all body types.
    Measuring 30.5” from neck to hem and 37”from side to side. The points at the hemline create a flattering silhouette.


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    Fabrics: Silk