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Each Strévé Design Piece Is Made in a sustainable and ethical way.

Great care and attention to detail is given to each piece.


Add warmth and style to any outfit.

Silk Shawls: So light and delicate, you’ll barely notice you’re wearing it. Use a silk shawl to add the perfect amount of coverage to any outfit or convert it to a scarf for more styling options.
Suede Shawl: Comfortable and warm. A perfect layer for late summer nights or layered over a coat as a scarf.

These are ready to wear items, that can also be can be ordered customized and made to measure. 

Experience the true luxury of custom designed fashion, a quality that lasts! Strévé is classic design that does not go out of style.

Believe in quality over quantity. Learn to Love your clothing as you reach for it year after year! Each Strévé Design piece is made in a sustainable and ethical way.

You can contact Cheryl here to arrange for customizing an item

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