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These Items Are Made-To-Measure

Great care and attention to detail is given to each piece.

Proudly designed and made in Canada. Cheryl Straby’s original designs are sustainably made in her studio boutique in Perth Ontario.

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Each Strévé Design Piece on this page can be ordered by contacting Cheryl directly from the product page.

In-Store Exclusives
  • Suede Vest with Hand Woven Collar

    Genuine Red Suede Vest with hand woven collar


    Genuine Red Suede Vest with hand woven collar in a Checkerboard in Red Leather and Suede

    Invest in this versatile and sporty genuine red suede vest. Create an immediate pulled together look to your outfit while adding an extra layer of warmth. This item would work well under the suede cape or Easy Fit Car Coat!

    This vest adds a classy and sporty look to your wardrobe with the black suede vest. The princess line cut gives a great fit and beautiful line. This winning item will give a finished look to your outfits, add a layer of warmth and can be worn both indoors and outdoors.

  • Silk and Lace Custom Top


    Silk and Lace Custom Top, lined in bemberg.
    Please note: $350 to $450:  Prices may vary depending on the lace and intricacy of the design.

These are ready to wear items, that can also be can be ordered customized and made to measure. 

Experience the true luxury of custom designed fashion, a quality that lasts! Strévé is classic design that does not go out of style.

Believe in quality over quantity. Learn to Love your clothing as you reach for it year after year! Each Strévé Design piece is made in a sustainable and ethical way.

You can contact Cheryl here to arrange for customizing an item

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