Perth Community Struts Stuff For A Good Cause

Perth Community Struts Stuff For A Good Cause

Perth community struts stuff for a good cause. Local fashion designer Cheryl Straby hosts fashion show with meaning Melissa NovacaskaPerth CourierWednesday, October 20, 2021 Cheryl Straby, founder of Strévé Design, celebrated 34 years of business in the most fashionable way. By putting on a fashion show for Perth residents and guests at the Crystal Palace, […]

Sustainability: How can I choose sustainable clothing?


The word sustainable is becoming a popular word in conversation but let’s face it, most of us don’t really know what “sustainable “ means anymore. The amount of clothing described as sustainable has quadrupled among fashion brands in the last few years.

Which Is Better? Fake Vs. Real Leather

Fake Vs. Real Leather

In my last blog post, Sustainability: Why Strévé Uses Real Leather, I explained the considerations you need to make when making or buying leather products.  But this would not be a proper discussion about leather if I didn’t mention its popular alternative – vegan leather! Vegan leather – or fake leather – has been around […]

A Customer’s Inherited Fur Coat Gets Turned Into A Cape

fur cape streve design crop -

Yesterday’s Snow Day turned into a Fun Day! I was able to finish a custom order. The customer wanted her inherited fur coat turned into a cape. She already owns one of my suede capes and wanted me to recreate that feeling and look in fur! To create the silhouette and keep the drape soft, […]